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A Kindred Soul

[kindred] of family; of related origin


How amazing to think that little gems, created, buffed and primed from the earth, can transform from dull, raw, unfinished rocks into beautiful, faceted, sparkling jewels. Nature truly is brilliant; capable of creating perfectly imperfect artwork. From its earthly creation to man-made formation, these jewels are indeed a masterfully created form of art.


Jewelry has endured tens of thousands of years as an art form and offers invaluable insights into the existence of past cultures. At the very heart of it, jewelry is an untold story of another time, another place, another life. These pieces have outlived the lives of many, and in that journey, have provided unprecedented joy to the people who have created it, worn it, and treasured it. Treasures, in every sense of the word.

Jewelry maintains a value far beyond its physical and monetary properties. It preserves an inherent emotional bond; an heirloom passed down from person to person, family to family, generation to generation, and in it a little glimpse of cultures, lives, and times passed. We can hold on to this intrinsic and invaluable art form and celebrate it in all of its glorious beauty.

My hope is to continue changing lives, and enhancing the human experience through the art of jewelry.To pass down the joy it brings, from one to another. We are all products of similar worldly experience. We share in the same daily struggles and the same daily joys. Unfinished, buffed, and refined, in a delightful and deliberate journey to mold ourselves into brilliant gems.We are perfectly imperfect. Treasures in every sense of the word

Kindred Jewelleria finds joy in providing refined quality at affordable prices, seeking to provide a balance between luxurious fine jewelry and trendy fashion jewelry. My love and affinity for the art of jewelry is immeasurable, but my affinity to help others is infinite. Kindred Jewelleria hopes to bring joy through jewelry, but even greater, we hope to give back. For every purchase, Kindred Jewelleria will donate a portion of our proceeds to a registered non-profit organization or charity of your choice. Through the checkout process, simply indicate which organization you would like us to donate to. Enjoy what this life has to offer, give back to what matters most, and rejoice in the beauty of it all.







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